By joining your local IMBA affiliate mountain bike club, like NAMBA,  you are improving you own riding opportunities and connecting you to the local mountain biking scene. You are also supporting trail build project that allow you to enjoy world class trail systems like the Trails at Jake’s Rocks, Tan Bark, Hearts Content area, Morrison Run and Hatch run. All of these trail systems take an enormous amount of money to design, build and maintain once completed. Your membership fees help fund these expenses. Portions of your membership fees are allocated to.

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Trail building and maintenance tools and expenses
  • New trail development and trail system expansions
  • Funding for local events
  • Funding for interaction with local, state and national government entities
  • Working with land managers like the Allegheny National Forest, Your county conversation organizations, DCNR for trail access

Please become a IMBA member and choose NAMBA as your local affiliate.